About Us

The Club

Junior Elite Football Club (JEFC) founded by Colin Omogbehin over 20 years ago is an FA Charter Standard Club based in South London.

The club is an outstanding  standard bearer  at grassroots level and consistently gives several boys a pathway into professional football.

JEFC is committed to ensuring your child is trained by coaches at academy level standards.

Our coaches train their teams twice a week and lead them to showcase outstanding football in matches week in week out.

All of our players are privileged to be invited to train at Fulham Development Centres, at least twice a week, meaning, potentially your child has the opportunity to train and develop a minimum of 20 times per month.

It is this commitment that makes us Elite compared to other grassroots teams.

The Junior Elite Way

To dominate the opposition as a team and as a individual when attacking and defending!

With the Ball

  • Secure first touch
  • Receive on the half turn
  • Check your shoulder
  • Have a picture/Know your pass
  • Be creative/Freedom to express
  • Play safe side
  • Receive on the back foot
  • Play round the corner
  • Pre Movement
  • Positive decision making
  • Rotation
  • Width, depth and length

Without the Ball

  • Get narrow/Compact
  • Close down quickly/Intelligently
  • Win races, tackles and headers
  • Communicate/Organise
  • Mark channel side
  • Get touch tight
  • Weight on back foot
  • Stay in your zone
  • Read situations
  • Squeeze, hold, drop off

Approaches and Contacts

Important Message to our Parents and Guardians

You are not permitted to contact any other FA affiliated football clubs throughout your registration period. Likewise any other clubs, academies, scouts, and agents must abide by the FA ruling that they should not make an approach directly to you or any person connected to you. They should contact JEFC.

JEFC will endeavour to develop you as a player and aim to gain exceptional players higher-level experience, therefore, any matters of this like should be directed through JEFC so the ‘regulated process’ can be monitored and applied.

Player Development

Placing players according to age groups is usually because it helps for administrative reasons; however, it sometimes is restrictive on player development, especially if a player has been identified as being more physically, technically and tactically advanced. From time to time JEFC Coaches will request for those player(s) to ‘play up’ in an older team group to either train or play in a match. This is normal practice.


Advertising with JEFC is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand. Our advertising packages can be tailored to suit any company’s needs – from newsletters and flags to match day kit sponsorships with over 100 players training and playing week in and out. We view all our sponsors as our partners and their vital contributions support our success and vision.  Sponsorship Packages are available on request by emailing: JEFCteam@hotmail.com